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Scott Phillips

Design Generalist

Conscientious champion of user needs

I design and deliver projects for organisations such as National Geographic, Siemens, Bowers & Wilkins, and ambitious startups.

My work applies thorough, user-friendly design that moves projects forward. These can be greenfield projects like attention engineering for Aris Technologies. Or a communication strategy for Vaultarch, an award‑winning deep‑tech company.

Currently, my focus is shaping the mobile web. This includes building webapps, graphic design and rapid prototyping. I'm enthusiastic about combining performant code, aesthetics and accessibility.

Turning a brief into assets, I'm comfortable in organisations of different sizes. I have produced resilient templates for startups with a few million in funding. And consulting services to a company with a market capitalisation of over £30b.

But, don't worry if you're not there yet – I also contribute to smaller projects that need help getting off the ground!

Proud to be a fearless creative who takes on board practical constraints, I work best with talented individuals who innovate.

Send me an about your project.

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