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Over 20 years serving the NFP sector

A proud UK based company, operating from Stoke-On-Trent

Privately owned, privately funded – by 3Si’s owner, directors

We have successfully been providing services to the not-for-profit sector since 1993, with our original CRM solution, Open Market Classic.

Our promise – No contractors, 3rd parties or overseas call centres

We are proud to be a UK based company who does not use 3rd parties or contractors to complete any part of your project work. All work is handled by employed members of 3Si staff, based in our Head Office in North Staffordshire – especially our Help Desk.

Privately owned, privately funded – by 3Si’s owner, directors

OM.‍Net, the successor to Open Market Classic first shipped as a modular, cohesive platform in 2007. OM.‍Net has evolved into a specialised multi-company CRM, with an iterative release cycle. These features enable your team to maintain complex distributions of independent organisations, with different financial accounts, from one underlying database within a robust computing platform.

The success story of the sector

Relationships deepen to achieve mutual growth

Our clients – maintaining relationships since the 90’s
OM.‍Net is the CRM solution of choice for The National Farmers Union (NFU), Trading Standards Institute (TSI), British Mensa, The British Gliding Association (BGA), The Association of Building Engineers (ABE), The Parent and Teacher Association UK (PTA-UK) and The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) to name but a few…

Our partnerships – our business relationships go beyond our clients

We have established a relationship for total service. By providing our clients with back office and self-service web tools, we've achieved much along the way, including becoming a long standing Microsoft provider, fostering relationships with PCA Predict (PostcodeAnywhere), Bottomline Technologies Inc. and partnering with Sage Pay.

OM.‍Net Overview

Modular CRM for the NFP sector

Engage and understand your members and contacts

OM.‍Net is a total CRM solution for the not-for-profit sector, empowering your organisation to achieve it’s contact engagement goals. Using OM.‍Net, you can consolidate financial data, develop relationships and report on activities from one cohesive, modular solution.

The OM.‍Net multi-company features allow you to compartmentalise your generated revenue for accounting and analysis across all the integrated modules.

OM.‍Net is versatile, function rich, configurable and flexible. Choose from optional modules to help with: online self-service, memberships, events, sales, CPD and more…

OM.‍Net Core

Versatile CRM at the heart of OM.‍Net

Modular CRM that adapts to all kinds organisations

OM.‍Net provides the complete functionality you would expect from a comprehensive CRM. Including: names, unlimited addresses telephone numbers, email addresses, mailing lists, committees, activity tracking, interests and even social media.

OM.‍Net Core integrates flawlessly with the other OM.‍Net modules. Providing you with the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of providing better customer engagement through relationship management.

OM.‍Net Core makes managing organisations easier:
Maintaining data once.
 Combine disparate and departmental systems into the consolidated OM.‍Net database to help avoid duplication.
Built-in financials.
 Update your accounting system without rekeying.
Giving you detailed report outputs.
 Interrogate your data better.
Engage your contacts.
 Email, text-message and share data with Office.
Activity tracking.
 Log and process your most important correspondence.

OM.‍Net Core Key features

OM.‍Net gives you greater customer understanding

Our modular approach helps you grow, whilst achieving better contact management so you can focus on your engagement and productivity.

Contact management is distinguished in OM.‍Net to support complex relationships. Contacts can be Individuals, Organisations or, Individuals at Organisations. In OM.‍Net, Individuals can then be linked to other contacts within the database (such as couples or families). Also, Contacts can have additional links within one, or multiple organisations with different job titles, email, telephone numbers and other contact methods.

OM.‍Net helps you and your team with:
Contact management

Activity tracking

Marketing analysis

Data Import / Export

Mailing lists

Bulk messaging
 via fax, email or SMS.
Committee Management

Word / Excel / Outlook integration

Batch entry & financial transactions

Invoicing, Credit, Receipts

Store / scan / link emails to any record

Payment processing.
 Cash, cheque, Direct Debit (paperless), Debit card, credit card, standing order, BACS and instalments.
Nominal processing & Sales Ledgers.
 Update your accounting system.
CPD tracking.
 Assign CPD points gained externally and expiry dates to Events / Products.
Comprehensive reporting.
 Listing, analysis, and dashboard reporting.
Sophisticated security.
 Granular control for users and user groups.

OM.‍Net Events

Audit and maintain bookings

Comprehensive, flexible and specifically for not‑for‑profits

OM.‍Net Events provides a complete event management solution. It’s cohesive with OM.‍Net Memberships, and because we have developed all the modules together with the rest of OM.‍Net, it is a cost effective solution that’s flexible, yet comprehensive.

With OM.‍Net Events you can manage whatever your members wish to book on to. These can be training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions, without restrictions.
Setup chargeable events or free ones with simple registration, or complex configurations for multi-day, multi-streaming, multi-venue conferences – including accommodation and concessions.

OM.‍Net Events – multi-company specific features

Simultaneously manage your event bookings and audit independent, revenue generating companies together, whilst sharing the same core contact data to avoid duplication or rekeying.

OM.‍Net Events features

OM.‍Net Events is a cost effective way to manage your bookings. Setup concessions, invoicing and auditing, all within OM.‍Net.

OM.‍Net Events helps your team with:
 on behalf of groups of people, individuals or organisations.
Delegate category types.
 Associate fees, members, non-members, & participants.
Time-critical fees
 & early bird discounts.
Changes & Cancellations.
 Move delegates or provide a credit or refund (in-full/partial).
Joining info,
 seating plans & place names.
Built-in auditing features
 manage your booking statuses, invoices, payments & balances outstanding.
Profit and loss summaries.
 Separate each event into easy to read subtotals.
Multiple attendees
 attending sessions can be group booked, or individually.
Versatile workflow.
 Delegates can be booked and payment taken, or an invoice raised via the desktop client, or you can choose a modular upgrade to OM.‍Net Web Tools so your customers can use their web browser to self-serve.

OM.‍Net Memberships

Adaptable Subscription Management

Configurable and flexible for your team and customers

OM.‍Net Memberships seamlessly extends OM.‍Net, giving you a configurable, flexible system to manage your subscription structures.

Memberships can be maintained for individuals or organisations and can be processed in a wide variety of ways, helping you manage complex fee structures and grades, and with special organisational requirements, OM.‍Net can be configured to meet exacting criteria.

OM.‍Net Memberships – multi-company specific features

Simultaneously manage your schemes and audit independent, revenue generating companies together, in one cohesive system.

OM.‍Net Memberships can improve:
Retention rate.
 Automatic billing with Direct Debits can encourage renewals.
Simple statements.
 Quickly assess who owes you money & who has paid.
Discount pricing.
 Manage early-bird fees and special group discounts.
Add-on support.
 Magazine subscriptions, insurances and optional extras.
Invoice processing.
 Multiple, flexible ways to administrate invoices.

OM.‍Net Memberships features

OM.‍Net Memberships is cohesive and can be configured to your needs

OM.‍Net Memberships integrates flawlessly with the OM.‍Net Core as well as each of the other OM.‍Net modules to provide your organisation with an easy-to use function rich, flexible software solution which will fit into your organisation seamlessly to manage your membership grades and schemes.

OM.‍Net Memberships features:
Bulk and individual renewals / lapses

Early payment discounts

Range based fees

Reminder processes

Set of standard membership reports

Aged debtor and account statements.
 Audit your subscriptions.
Payment combinations.
 Joint, linked, or payed by another organisation.
Variations of instalments.
 Configurable monthly, quarterly, yearly or bi-annually.
Process Direct Debits.
 AUDDIS/ADDACS validate member’s payments quickly.
Document automation.
 Renewal or reminder letters, pro-forma invoices and VAT documents can be dispatched.
Versatile workflow.
 Members can be joined, renewed and payment taken, or an invoice raised via the desktop client, or you can choose a modular upgrade to OM.‍Net Web Tools so your customers can use their web browser to self-serve.

OM.‍Net Reporting

Introducing Reports and EasiQuery

Filter data on-screen and print for better decision making

Business intelligence is hard enough – we simplify things

With our helpful analytics tools, OM.‍Net Reports provides standard tools for traditional reporting tasks, and OM.‍Net EasiQuery delivers a versatile way to refine your criteria, automate bulk tasks and inspect your marketing data in granular detail.

OM.‍Net Reports configured for you to get to grips with your data

The standard reports that ship with each OM.‍Net module provide a plethora of information from simple listings and outputs, through to financial interrogation for data analysis with your accountant.

OM.‍Net EasiQuery for productivity boosting automation

Helping your team sort complex criteria and create dynamic lists to handle nearly, any situation. With OM.‍Net EasiQuery, you can extract information for marketing purposes, display customised reports and produce en-masse content for mail-merge, bulk SMS or postal mail-outs, all from one interface.

OM.‍Net Reporting in more detail

Choose how to take your organisation to the next level

For admin staff and data interrogation professionals, OM.‍Net Reporting helps your team perform data intensive, complex tasks effectively

Configuration & advanced coaching

Depending on your goals, you can have everything pre-configured to meet your needs or take things further. Beyond basic training, your team can have advanced coaching to really grasp the power of OM.‍Net and SQL Reporting Services.


OM.‍Net EasiQuery has a range of pre-defined “selections” to easily start inspecting your data, and for your technical staff, the OM.‍Net database supports ODBC and OLEDB connectivity so any popular querying tools, such as Microsoft Access or Excel, Crystal Reports or Impromptu can be used together with OM.‍Net.

For System Administrators and power-users, OM.‍Net EasiQuery has broad scope:
Copy existing, pre-defined selections and turn them into tools of choice.
Configure everything to suit your organisation’s routine and include your most intensive tasks.
Add and amend filtering criteria.
Change user prompts and input styles.
Add or remove fields from forms.
Add, amend or remove sort orders.
Configure the report designer.
Assign advanced user permissions.

OM.‍Net Sales

Secure and adaptable trading solution

OM.‍Net Sales is a new channel to engage your contacts

OM.‍Net Sales has been developed so your team can administer sales and CRM data together. Maintain and dispatch inventories of goods and services, produce relevant documentation and cope with a variety of complex delivery and payment scenarios, configured to your needs.

OM.‍Net Sales delivering your mix of goods and services

Handle tangible product inventories such as, publications and education material, or sell intangibles, for example, billable hours, downloadable content, and even advertising. You can even manage different billing and delivery addresses, all from one cohesive solution.

OM.‍Net Sales is designed for multi-company administration

Multi-company features permit your team to perform sales and collect payments for independent organisations that have separate financial accounts. OM.‍Net can reduce your overheads, because the underlying database shares the same contact data, you avoid duplication, rekeying, and learning different, disparate systems.

OM.‍Net Sales key features

Leverage contact data and sales data in one unified solution

OM.‍Net Sales helps manage product inventories, complex delivery rules and provide a new source of data to analyse contact behaviour.

OM.‍Net Sales provides customers:
Staged order fulfilment.
 Reassure valuable customers with: Basket, Checkout, Summary, and Billing stages.
Different payment methods. 
Handle phone orders, cash or online transactions.
Complex payment rules.
 Permit a contact to have an organisation pay on their behalf using a payment reference.
Complex delivery rules.
 Permit a contact to transact with convenient, separate billing and delivery addresses.
Accurate delivery note production.

Discounts, and clear pricing.

OM.‍Net Sales provides your team:
Free text, or explicit record searches.

Manage inventory, deliveries & return policies. 
Tailored to your business rules.
Product category based stock control.

Member / non-member pricing.

Banded pricing
 ideal for bulk purchasing.
Analyse margins
 with side-by-side cost of sales and product costs.
Transaction history,
 audit & report sales.
Granular accountancy detail. 
Configure product nominal codes and separate VAT rates for postage or overseas shipping.
Payment provider configuration. 
Choose from: Sagepay, Worldpay or, your own 3rd party payment provider.
Versatile payment methods. 
Invoices can be raised within OM.‍Net directly or, if implemented, customers can self-serve using the OM.‍Net Web Tools features from their browser.
Smart feature for media buyers. 
Process advertising orders using our helpful text fields that give you instant feedback.

OM.‍Net Web Tools

Self-service enablement

Improve member retention and online participation

The OM.‍Net Web Tools are a cost effective way to empower your contacts to self-serve from within your new, or existing website. Developed as a framework of templated pages, OM.‍Net Web Tools give your contacts online access to maintain their details, whilst connecting to the OM.‍Net database – without 3rd Party development, or complicated procedures for your webmaster.

Built upon the OM.‍Net Web Service, these templates are designed to be embedded within your website and inherit the look & feel so that you do not have to overhaul or replace your existing site.

OM.‍Net Web Tools Key features

Self-service empowerment helps keep your CRM up-to-date

OM.‍Net Web Tools gives your contacts the freedom to manage their own information

OM.‍Net Web Tools for contact details:
 contacts can maintain their own correspondence details.
 Designated people can maintain their contact correspondence on behalf of their Organisation.
Committee management.
 Individuals can update Organisations and Committees that they belong too.
OM.‍Net Web Tools online directories:
Member searches.
 Permit people to look at other member’s details from the OM.‍Net database.
Narrow search results
by a contact’s specialisms, or products and services that they offer.
OM.‍Net Web Tools for memberships and events:
Register / Join / Renew.

Contacts can create accounts.

Secure login.
 Checks for active memberships, if required.
Book onto Events,
 manage concessions.
OM.‍Net Web Tools for transactions:
Capture Direct Debit details
 early in the registration process and help with member retention and billing.
Capture documents.
 Receive proof of ID, Qualifications or CPD details with simplified file uploads. These are saved directly into the OM.‍Net database.
View outstanding balances.

Pay membership / subscription fees.

Ad-hoc purchases.
 Take payment for publications, periodicals or courses.
Online merchant tools connectivity.
 Via bespoke commissioning process.

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