Never alone

…is a high-touch individual, maintains a good relationship speaking to representative via phone


  • Fashion promoter & buyer for Kering Group (Gucci), Prada & Valentino.
  • High-net worth individual.


  • Not confident with technology, although owns cars, a boat & and other incidentals.
  • Windows Tablet, a familiar way to check-in review the diary, email & purchases.
  • iPhone Pro Max, because that was the best one.
  • Incidentals, multiple DSLR cameras, gadgets – under-used, little interest in technology.


  • Marital Status: Single, but never alone
  • Multiple travel partners, for business & pleasure
  • Two Children (Adults)


  • If only technology were easier to use – would tell you how much he likes sea-food, deck-shoes & Borgo Egnazia!
  • Occasisional data entry shows that filling out a questionnaire results in frustration.


  • +500,000CHF, Swiss Bank Account for trips & travel per. anum.
  • €50.000 avg. value per trip, 4-6 times each year.


  • Valuable if we can encourage other HNWI into the company as clients… Perhaps through his PA.
  • No social media – encourage word-of-mouth and sharing links with friends
  • Doesn't forward email campaigns that are aimed directly at his contacts


  • Wants to explore coastal regions with partner or, safari with his adult children and their families again…
  • Goal is to travel even more as work is delegated online.


  • A recent gift of some deck-shoes made all the difference when he travelled for a second time to the same hotel. He became a loyal, regular customer after this thoughful gesture.


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